The Sounds In Your Walls And Attic Might Be Rodents

Rodents are often quite busy at night. If you are hearing noises at night in your attic or in your wall, you likely have a nocturnal creature living or trapped there. The most common would be mice, rats, bats, and raccoons.


Rats can get trapped in your wall voids, or nest in your attic. They will bump, scratch and thump as they maneuver their way up and down your walls and around your attic.


Bats are usually much quieter, unless you have several.


With mice, you will probably hear a scampering noise, notice nests or gnaw holes, and probably see droppings.


Raccoons can also be a nightly problem in your attic, yard, garbage, or garage. Raccoons are not really wild animals. They are urban animals, thriving in the suburbs and cities. Raccoons are smart, curious, and conniving, animals that forage for food.