Protect Your Home From Rodents

Turn to us for mice- and rat-proofing services in the Discovery Bay & Pleasant Hill, CA area

If you've seen one mouse or rat inside your home, the odds are high that you have plenty more in hiding. That's why at Trap N Rodents Rodent Proofers, we offer full rat- and mice-proofing services in Discovery Bay & Pleasant Hill, CA. We'll tightly seal up your home so no rodents can make their way in.

For each rat-proofing or mice-proofing service, we will:

  • Inspect your home and see what issues need to be addressed
  • Implement the proper proofing techniques
  • Lay down and monitor traps for two to three weeks
Ready to keep rodents out of your home? Schedule a mice or rat-proofing service today.

Enjoy protection from all types of rodents

Our mice-proofing and rat-proofing services are effective against a variety of rodents. With our techniques, we can keep common nuisances like skunks and raccoons away from your home.

Currently have a rodent problem? We'll make sure to get rid of any existing rodents before sealing up your home. That way, you breathe easy knowing your home isn't harboring more unwanted guests.

Reach out to us when you want to protect your home from pests.